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Things To Consider Before Filling a Divorce

Things To Consider Before Filling a Divorce

justice systemDivorce is a very important decision in one’s life. A divorce can have many life changing impacts and thereby one should consider many important things before filing for a divorce. Some of the most important considerations are -

  • Have you tried a marriage counselor - Divorce should be the last consideration and the step should be taken if you have no way out. If there is still love in your marriage then try for a marriage counselor in order to sort out your problems. If counseling does not work even after a lot of efforts, then consider a divorce.
  • Divorce should not be a hasty decision - In hastiness and in the surge if myriads of emotions most people tend to take the hasty decision of a divorce. However, remember that divorce should not be a knee jerk reaction and should not be used as a threatening for your spouse. If your marriage has been an unhappy one for many years, then try sitting down in a cool mind and list down the reason as to why you should get a divorce and why you should not. Analyze various factors and then only reach a decision.
  • Hire a good divorce lawyer - The rule of the thumb is that you should at least have a meeting with 3 lawyers before you decide upon the one for you. Normally go for a lawyer who is more experienced in such cases as it means easy litigation. Always make sure that you and your lawyer are on the same grounds. If you want a peaceful settlement, then that is what he should give you and if you want to fight it out aggressively in the court then he should agree on that too. He should be sensitive enough and should hear out your entire story.
  • Custody - If you have children, then considering custody is one of the foremost priority that you should consider. Most parents nowadays opt for joint custody. Joint custody helps the children to spend time with both their parents. Do not opt for single custody just to punish your spouse. Think about the negative impact it might have on your child. Also, try sitting down with your children and asking them their viewpoints on such matters.
  • Joint finances - Most households run on joint finances where the husband and the wife have joint bank accounts and joint finances and shares. You should make a list of the accounts that you hold together and what are your assets and how they should be spilt. This will come in extremely handy when it comes down to splitting the property after divorce.
  • Debts and credit - Know what debt and credit you and your spouse hold together. Even if the debt is in your name, the court will order the one who has the financial power to pay it. In addition, try and discontinue the credit card that operates on both your names. If there is a mortgage for which both of you are paying, then you can either continue with that scheme or allow the court of law to make the decision on your behalf.